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A bit more about me.

I’m a brand designer and marketing specialist based in Seattle, WA. I’m originally from Missoula, MT and am obsessed with clean and purposeful design. I collaborate with creative clients to deliver effective branding solutions for their business.

My Career so far

I moved to Washington in 2000 to attend the Art Institute of Seattle where I got my degree in Graphic Design. Since then, I have been working as a graphic designer creating logos, branding, illustration, t-shirt design, and web design.

I'm also a social media specialist with experience in social media growth, e-commerce, and digital marketing. I manage two Instagram accounts related to my passion for drifting and my favorite car of all time, the Nissan 240SX. I've grown these accounts into communities for enthusiasts of similar interests and created merchandise for both accounts that has helped me learn about e-commerce and digital marketing strategies.

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